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#animationMonday challenge. Week 4. Infographics


Happy Monday pumpkins. Hope you all had an amazing weekend and enjoyed the most amazing Halloween party ever 🙂

Today I want to share with you a short Infographics film that I created a few months ago. The topic is levers.Check it out here.

I’ll be honest with you: I’m crazy about Infographics. According to Wikipedia information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. From my point of view this is one of the most interesting ways to explain and send message across any platform. Visual ideas are much more easy to understand and assimilate.

I wish when I was a kid there had been more Infographics in my periods back when I was at school. It would have been so much fun and educational.

Let me know in the comments how do you feel about Infographics, if they are your thing or not. Do you prefer to read the information you get or do you rather see a video?

Have a wonderful week everyone 🙂




#animationMonday challenge Week 3. The bouncing ball


Happy Monday little monkeys 🙂

Today I want to present you “The bouncing ball”. This is one of the first exercises that you learn when you start studying animation. The idea is that it has all the basic elements and that it can be applied to any cycle, walk, run etc.

I found a very cool tutorial from Angryanimator.com. You can check it out here.

I did some bouncing ball exercises during my 3D Animation Master Degree but I realised that I’m a but rusty since you need to keep doing it every now and then.

You can check the Bouncing ball animation test here.

It can look like is not much but all experienced animators agree that if you master the Bouncing ball you will have accomplished a big thing and it will be much easier to keep improving your animation skills.

So even small things can make a big difference. Remember that.

And that’s it for today! Have a wonderful week you animation geeks 🙂



#animationMonday challenge. Week 2. A Walk Cycle

week2_v2Happy Monday everyone. After an amazing weekend in Barcelona I came back to London ready for the week ahead.

On the video today I want to show how a walk cycle looks like. Cycles are very important because you can check This one is a bit rough and needs lots of improvement.

Today is also Bring Your Own Animation (BYOA) day. This means that a bunch of animators will meet in a pub in central London and they will have feedback from animation experts. It always amazes me that they are kind enough to spend a few minutes looking at shots and giving you advice on how to improve it. Without asking anything ireturn. I love going to BYOA. You can talk to other animators, get feedback on your shots and is always fun to be around like minded people. As Sir Ken Robinson says on his book The Element: find your tribe. It really helps keep you motivated 🙂

Have a wonderful week cupcakes.



Connectivity issues


Well, this is embarrassing. Last time I posted on this blog was in January. It’s not that I don’t have ideas. I have lots of ideas I want to write about but I never find the time.(“cough”) That’s a lie. I use my time on other matters. Like social media or Netflix for example.

I admit I have a love-hate relationship with my smartphone and social media. On one hand I love how useful they can be to reach out to people and stay connected. On the other hand I hate how much time I waste on it. Because the thing is that you are always connected so people can reach out to you any time, literally, ANY time. And the other way around. This stresses me out. My FOMO* is big, guys, very big.

Although I like to know what’s going on I don’t like being a servant of technology. People say is all about self control but I feel this is a dangerous addiction not easy to cure. I installed an app on my phone that tells me how many hours a day I spend on it and which apps I use the most. The average time I use my phone is between 1.5 & 3 hours a day, screen unlock around a 100 times a day and app frequency more or less 180 times a day. That’s not “bueno”. I know. I also realised that every time I spend a couple of hours away from my phone or a day away from social media I feel very happy and peaceful.

That’s why I decided that I need a change. I need to turn things around and convert social media and technology into my servants to help me be more creative. So I will start the #animationMondays challenge**.Every Monday I will post a short animation on social media until Christmas (for now). I want this to help me improve my animation skills and to hold me accountable for animating more.You can follow me on Vine, Twitter & Instagram.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment. I love your comments. Write to me baby 😉 Have a wonderful week 🙂


*Fear Of Missing Out

** My friend and scriptwriter Ana gave me this idea. You can check her #writingfridays challenge on her Instagram @galerabai and Twitter @annagalera