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The summer camp philosophy

I use to love summer camps. First as a kid, enjoying a few days away from my “normal” life, and later as a youngster with my scout group.

Summer camps are fun, exciting, full of new experiences. Summer camps are full of memories that you will remember for years to come.

Summer camp 2The first days are exciting. Getting to know everyone, learning your ways around the place, familiarising with the new surroundings. After these first days you start feeling like home, like you had been there forever . All these people are now your best friends.

You enjoy each moment to the fullest. You laugh,  you cry, you shout and you do crazy things. In a nutshell: you’re having the best time of your life.

And then the last day arrives. You knew this would happen. You knew you’d have to leave at some point and go back home to your “normal” life. You just didn’t wanted to be so early.

Then you say goodbye to your friends, you promise you’ll keep in touch. You exchange phone numbers, addresses and you keep them as the most treasured thing in the world.

And the days go by. At the beginning you remember every moment. You smile for no reason thinking about those crazy things you did, that stupid joke someone said. Those were good times. But as days pass memories start to fade and you are left with an uncomfortable feeling:you realise you’ll probably never see those people again, those days will never come back. It sounds sad. But that’s life, things happen, things change and you move on. You live and learn.

And why not live by this philosophy? The summer camp philosophy? Why not enjoy and treasure every moment even if we know that eventually the moment will pass? That person you just met might leave at some point, that job you got might end, those holidays you were expecting for so long will finish. I see so many people around me afraid of losing the moment, their jobs, their partners. Not enjoying what’s good when they are living it because they are afraid it will end. Maybe that’s what’s supposed to be. Maybe some things are just meant to happen once. But I like to think that those are the things that will add up. With every new experience a small part of your heart warms up, in the end creating this warm feeling that makes you feel good, this feeling that somehow gives sense to everything.

At the end of the day all we are left with are our experiences, these so valuable and intangible things that we don’t give enough credit and that shape who we are, what we do, who we become. No one can take that away from us. Invest in experiences, this is the best investment of all.


KAL Knitting along

A KAL is a Knit Along project that a bunch of knitters start at the same time. They share their progress, they thoughts, their questions. My sister who is an amazing knitter and blogger has set the start for this KAL tomorrow the 11th of January 2016.

You can check her blog here: http://enerbyknits.blogspot.co.uk

These are the colours that I chose for this KAL

I will share my progress.I’m very excited about this project. I found amazing how crafts bring people together. I’ve had the most amazing times while sharing crafty moments with friends, colleagues or people I just met. I’m planning to join a knitters club here in Ealing, or, as they say a “Stitch and bitch” group and see how it goes.

For now I’m knitting on my commute and on my lunch breaks 🙂


Getting started

Well this is exciting! This is my first official post on this new Blog.

I want this Blog to be a place where I share my projects, ideas and all the inspiration I get from books, blogs, friends and magazines.

If you want to know what I do you can check my website here: http://www.annarovira.co.uk

More to come!

Adventure is out there